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Join Master Coach Callum Hardingham & guest speaker, Inner Leadership Coach and co-host of the 2021 October Inner Leadership Academy Julia Arabuli for this deep dive inside look at some of the most profound tools for coaches no matter the client, no matter the goal! 

What you will learn

After this 2 hour Masterclass, you'll understand:

What the 8 essential elements of any coaching journey are 

How to start applying these elements 

The mechanics of behavioural change 

The 7 stages of change 

You'll also experience...


A  guided somatic based meditation 

Masterclass: August 25th 2021 5-7pm UK Time

An opportunity to apply some of the elements onto yourself through live coaching with the masterclass leaders 


You'll also receive...

A copy of the masterclass recording 

An opportunity to dive deeper into the Inner leadership Coaching Academy 2021 

An infographic animating your learnings 

When is it? 

Masterclass: August 25th 2021 5-7pm UK Time

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