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Master Coach & Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Student of Yoga,

Ayurveda and


Holistic Coach,


Retreat Leader 

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"Callum Hardingham is a master mindset coach with a decade of experience in the coaching industry."

Short Story

Starting his coaching path at the age of 17 he trained to become a health & fitness professional building a successful personal training business in his initial years.


He then swiftly became fascinated with the mindset of his clients and realised early on that he needed to understand habits, behavioural change and mindset mechanics in order to truly facilitate the powerful transformations he desired for his clients.

This lead initially into a 3 year deep dive into NLP, Time Line Therapy (a trauma healing modality) and Hypnotherapy where Callum became one of the youngest Trainers of NLP in the world at the time.

As his passion for mindset & performance coaching grew,

Callum realised early on that in order to create the impact he desired in the health industry he would need to go beyond simply offering this service in his practice alone and so, alongside a colleague and great friend, he co-created the U.Ks first mindset academy solely devoted to up-skilling health & fitness professionals in the areas of behavioural change, mindset mechanics and coaching communication skills. 

This allowed Callum to build a wealth of experience presenting on major stages all over the U.K. speaking to thousands of professionals over a 5 year span.

It’s safe to say Callum became one of the key catalysts and voices promoting the necessity for this area of study to be integrated as a foundational skill for health professionals and coaches alike. 

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Whilst presenting throughout the UK, Callum studied a variety of other coaching modalities from Paul Chek’s ‘Holistic Life Coaching Models’ to a variety of psychometrics such as Motivational Mapping.


Callum has also spent the past decade practicing Meditation, supported by attending courses in Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda + thousands of hours of self study, mentoring and, of course, being coached himself.


Callum’s passion/ obsession for the understanding of healing and improving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and performance has been the fuel that’s guided him in coaching hundreds of people

1-1 from all areas of the globe, creating powerful career shifts, relationship breakthroughs, health transformations and performance and productivity upgrades for all angles of life.

Callum now continues to coach those ready to take their results and performance in life to all new levels whilst running The Inner Leadership Coaches Academy which offers a dual coaching certification in the realms of NLP + Callum's own unique self designed methodologies for creating powerful change in clients involving principles from both Eastern and Western approaches informed by his decade + experience in the coaching field. 



Experience & Accreditation Summary

  • 13 Years Qualified Health & Fitness Professional

  • 10 Years Life Coaching Experience

  • Former Head Trainer of The Mindset Academy an academy

  • Qualified Master Coach & Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Qualified Master Coach & Trainer of Hypnotherapy

  • Qualified Master Coach of Time Line Therapy

  • Motivational Maps Business Coach

  • Ayurvedic Practitioner

  • Tantric Hatha Yoga Trained

  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

  • Speaker for The Telegraph London

  • Bodypower UK speaker

  • Leisure Industries Week Speaker

  • Puregym UK Speaker

  • George (Asda) UK Speaker

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